Favorite Games :

  1. Cricket
  2. Football
  3. Tennis
  4. Badminton

Why are these favorite games :

  • Every one plays it.
  • Every one knows how to play and even appreciates it.
  • They have their favorite game’s idols.
  • They find future.
  • The games are to be seen around so have company to play them.
  • They get competitive feeling.
  • Facilities available around to teach these games.


Traditional Games :

  1. Kabaddi
  2. Kho Kho
  3. Satoliya
  4. Kancha
  5. Lattu

Why they do not play these games now :

  • They have heard, not played.
  • They do not find it interesting.
  • These games are not seen around so no company to play these games.
  • Do not know rules.
  • They do not find future.
  • Lack of competition.

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