Questionnaire made for children

1)      Name :

2)      Age :

3)      Standard :

4)      School’s name :

5)      Do you enjoy your school?

6)      Which school period do you like the most?

7)      Do have P.T period in your school?

8)      How many times in a week you have P.T  period?

9)      For how much time in a day you have P.T Period?

10)   What does your sir make you do in P.T period?

11)   Which games you play in P.T period  and in the break with your friends in school?

(Indoor / outdoor)

12)   Please list some of the outdoor games you play in school and with your building friends?

13)   Do you have a computer at home / mobile phone/ video game/ television at home?

14)   How much time a day you watch T.V , use Computer and play video games?

15)   Do you use Computer and mobile phone for communication purpose or for playing games?

16)   What do you prefer playing in free time?  (Video games / Television OR outdoor games)

17)   DO you know any of the games listed below.. (tick opposite to the games you know)

  1. Kabbadi
  2. Kho – kho
  3. Langadi tang
  4. Aankh micholi
  5. Chhupa chhupi
  6. Tree climbing
  7. Pakada pakadi
  8. Nondi
  9. Lattu
  10. Satoliya
  11. Marbles
  12. Gilli danda
  13. Hockey
  14. Kite flying

18)   Where have you heard these games

  1. Television
  2. Elders have told you
  3. Saw some friends playing
  4. State if any other source

19)   DO you play these games?

20)   How many times have you played these games?