Surveying P.T teacher and sports club coach.

Surveying P.T teachers and Sport Club coaches :

After surveying the children studying in schools and their parents, I decided to move on to the P.T teachers and the sports club coaches as they deal with a lot of students every day, and they would be having an idea of children’s interest in games.

Findings :

1)      They agree of cricket taking up a great space in the market as it has become consumer market.

2)      Cricket, Football, Tennis have become children’s favorite as they see it on television quite often with glamour effect.

3)      If the teacher makes them play other games, they would try playing it and end up playing cricket, football whichever they find interesting.

4)      A lot of time schools have small compound which restricts sir to make children play certain games.

5)      Now a days parents also feels complex if their children does not play cricket, football, tennis and all.

6)      In sports club, they do not prefer keeping the traditional games as they have to maintain the status symbol of the club by keeping professional games like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, as these games are demanded by today’s children.

7)      For Interschool competition cricket, throw ball, volleyball, football will have a lot of entries but for kabaddi, entries would be really less.


Survey of children in schools

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As I am from Mumbai, I chose to target the Mumbai audience. I planned out to survey in schools of 3 categories where the Rich, middle class and poor, all the three financial category children could be surveyed.

The name of the schools I surveyed are:

1)      St. Xavierse Boys Academy

2)      The New Era High School

3)      Fellowship School

4)      Aryan School

The schools of different categories were chosen to know if the usage of high tech equipments and modernization affecting the importance of the Traditional Games, as these points will differ with the financial standard of people.

A) St. Xavierse Boys Academy, The New Era School (kind of schools):

These schools are located in the centre of town where the people are aware of high-tech equipments and modernization has changed the lifestyle of people. The education and extracurricular activities are given equal importance. Due to high fees, the children who belong to rich class come there whose upbringing and choice of interest differ from that of other class people.

Findings :

  1. In schools they do have P.T period.
  2. They have P.T period two times a week in average.
  3. The professor makes them do exercise and play games.
  4. In schools they play games like :
  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Badminton
  • Basket ball
  • Volley ball
  • Langadi
  • Kho kho

5)      They used to play the Indian traditional games like kho kho/ Langadi in earlier standard and kabadi may be just once.

6)      They most of the time play football or cricket in schools. Girls prefer playing basketball or badminton in their break period.

7)      70% of students used to play video games and watch television for 2 hours a day in average.

8)      50% of the students use computer for communication purpose. 70% of students use it for communication and for playing games.

9)       35% children like to see television for knowledge where as 65% of children use it for entertainment.

10)   After going home 70% of students have place to play in compound where they play cricket or football, and girls would be playing badminton.

11)   On asking them if they know the traditional games of India, they shocked me with their answer. They all knew almost all the games I asked them. BUT, they were not at all interested to play them.

12)   The reason for not playing such games were:

a)      They do not find anyone around playing these games.

b)      They find these games too outdated and they like changes.

c)       They are scared of getting themselves hurt by playing these games as the place might be less or if space then rough flooring.

d)      They do not exactly know how to play them.

e)      They feel shy if they play them as nobody plays.

f)       They like other games as they find them crazy and fun than these.

g)       Even in schools, P.T teacher introduce the games but does not give more attention of making them play.

h)      They like cricket, football and tennis more as they see matches on television and they have a lot of fun seeing India winning. This adds on to the enthusiasm to the game.

i)        Even in tournaments 100% of students only take part in football, cricket, volleyball etc. but not kabadi, kho kho.

A)    Fellowship School :

Fellowship school is a school where the students belonging to the middle class family come. They do have computer at home but it is shared by the entire family. Very few have I pads. Even the parents are strict and do not let them sit on computer for more than an hour. Their ranking is average rated school.

Findings :

1)      They play games like Cricket, Football, Volley ball, skating races, kho kho, langadi, and kabaddi.

2)      They have P.T period three times a week for 35 minutes.

3)      In P.T period their sir makes them do exercises and play games.

4)      They know almost all the Indian traditional games I asked, and they have even played some of them in school. But yet they are not interested personally to play them because of the same reasons that they find them outdated.

The reasons stated in the above case (St. xavierse boys Academy/ The New Era School) follows here too.

B)    Aryan School :

In the case of Aryan School, the students belonging to the poor class category comes. The fees of the school is also very low which is suitable for the student’s family. Because of which it gets tough for the school to give them the facilities what the above three schools can provide.

Findings :

1)      They have P.T period 3 times a week and 15 minutes every day in the morning.

2)      Their P.T teacher makes them exercise and play games as in other schools.

3)      They play games like Cricket, Football, Kho Kho, Kabaddi, Langadi tang, Satoliya and rumal dao.

4)      In this school 80% of the crowd have television and 40% have computer.

5)      They use computer and television for entertaining as well as education purpose.

6)      They live in chawl system and few in slums where they do not get to enjoy more privacy. They have a lot of friends around.

7)      At home also they play these games as that is how they pass their time in absence of television and computer. But cricket is any time played more.

8)      They know the games of India.

Questionnaire made for children

1)      Name :

2)      Age :

3)      Standard :

4)      School’s name :

5)      Do you enjoy your school?

6)      Which school period do you like the most?

7)      Do have P.T period in your school?

8)      How many times in a week you have P.T  period?

9)      For how much time in a day you have P.T Period?

10)   What does your sir make you do in P.T period?

11)   Which games you play in P.T period  and in the break with your friends in school?

(Indoor / outdoor)

12)   Please list some of the outdoor games you play in school and with your building friends?

13)   Do you have a computer at home / mobile phone/ video game/ television at home?

14)   How much time a day you watch T.V , use Computer and play video games?

15)   Do you use Computer and mobile phone for communication purpose or for playing games?

16)   What do you prefer playing in free time?  (Video games / Television OR outdoor games)

17)   DO you know any of the games listed below.. (tick opposite to the games you know)

  1. Kabbadi
  2. Kho – kho
  3. Langadi tang
  4. Aankh micholi
  5. Chhupa chhupi
  6. Tree climbing
  7. Pakada pakadi
  8. Nondi
  9. Lattu
  10. Satoliya
  11. Marbles
  12. Gilli danda
  13. Hockey
  14. Kite flying

18)   Where have you heard these games

  1. Television
  2. Elders have told you
  3. Saw some friends playing
  4. State if any other source

19)   DO you play these games?

20)   How many times have you played these games?

Parents views on today’s generation

Parents survey

Surveying parents :

The idea was to understand the psychology and the schedule of children from parent’s point of view. In childhood the upbringing and the restriction of parent’s does affect child’s behavior and interest. For eg. It is very easy for children to get attracted to electronic medias for a longer period. But that could be reduced if parents get strict and ask them to follow some discipline.

Findings :

1)    The parents said, they do play outdoor games, but only cricket and football. Badminton and tennis is also played but less as compared to these games.

2)    After coming back from school they have a lot of homework to do as the schools at a lot of places have made weekly test schedule. So everyday getting time for outdoor games is not possible. And if yes then they prefer to use it for their favorite game like badminton, cricket, football etc.

3)    Children also love to go to sports clubs nearby their area where they are made to play different sport’s activity. The reasons of children going to sports club are :

a)    Many a times, children do not find their age group friends around in their society.

b)      If they have friends, then they might not get free at the same time.

c)       If they have, then have to follow the majority’s choice which may or may not be what they want to play. (to avoid isolation)

d)      Many a times, their friend’s choice affects their choice. For eg. Their children might get interested in learning squash after getting good reviews from friends.

e)      They find it interesting to play in proper courts, having guidance i.e. the coach.

f)       Maximum time the games that are chosen by today’s generation children to play in clubs are :

  • Cricket
  • Football
  • Lawn tennis
  • Table tennis
  • Volley ball
  • Basket ball
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • P.S.P games
  • Other indoor games. That is the reason all the clubs also prefer keeping the games which are in and liked by the users.

g)      Playing all these games adds to their status symbol.

h)      Earlier there used to be joint families, where the chain of passing on the culture from one generation to other was always maintained as it had different generations staying under a roof. But now MIGRATION has taken place. People are shifting wherever they have opportunities. So nuclear families have taken up the space.

i)  In an average, children take 2 hours for using computer, television and playing on I pads/ Video games.

j)  Parent’s make children watch some important programs on television like crime petrol, Discovery channel which will add on to their knowledge and make them understand the world outside in a better way.

k)  Even computers are very important for children as they use it for assignments, internet helps them gain a lot of knowledge about anything they want to know.

l)   So, the usage of television and computer cannot be compromised for anything.

m)   Parents even make them join some classes of other activities like karate/ art and craft/ dance etc. which might be of some use in future.

n)   Children always try to play games which is of today’s time, as they like to go with time.

o)   The lack of place in the building compound and the grounds being far from their place is the basic and most faced reason in Bombay for not playing these outdoor games.

p)      They play only what they see others playing, and traditional games are jus nowhere to be seen outside these days.

q)      Yes, they should be encouraged for playing Indian tradition games as that would make them be attached to their culture.