Survey of people who still plays Indian Games

Surveying the group of audience who still play Indian Traditional games :

After finding out the reasons and causes as to why today’s generation has lack of interest in playing Indian games, I decided to survey the audience who is still playing these games.

Target group :  poor middle class and poor people

Age : 10 years to 17 years

This target group may not have a computer at home, and if yes then it would be shared by the entire family. So very less of computer usage, Video game usage. They have a  lot of friends (galli friends) staying around. So, they have company to play outdoor games.

As it was not possible for me to approach the same target group in Mumbai, I went to Gulbai Tekra where I got the target group as per my requirement. There I found a lot of outdoor game fans as that is the only way they enjoy in their free time.

As I started asking few boys some questions, the crowd gathered which made it simpler to approach the large audience together.


1)      They learn the outdoor games by seeing each other. Any generation children learn games by seeing their elders and they even play when the right age comes.

2)      They play outdoor games like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Kancha, Lattu, Kabadi and kho kho.

3)      Cricket is their most favorite game. Elder boys only play cricket.

4)      Elder boys feel shy if they play games like Lattu, Kancha, kho kho.

5)      Kabaddi is played by a few players there who are interested to play. Every night 8 o clock they play kabaddi.

6)      The elders do not find it appropriate to play the games like lattu, kancha now as they are scared of they getting hurt while playing, but on contrary they are any time fine with getting hurt while playing cricket. These were never the points of making them not play cricket.

7)      They find cricket too professional and these games unprofessional.

8)      They generally do not play in the afternoon time. But if it is cricket then they do not mind playing in the afternoon time.

9)      A lot of time they keep matches among themselves in the night. 5 – 6 times a month in average. They even have got the T-shirts printed team wise. They a lot of time have skipped their lunch and dinner to play cricket.

10)   They find themselves connected to the world internationally  through cricket.

11)   They know the names of cricket team players. Not just of India but also of Australia, England, Pakistan and some more.

12)   But they are not aware of the names of Indian kabadi team, not even captain’s name.

13)   They always see cricket and football matches on television but kabadi they have hardly seen twice or thrice. Cricket matches they see on star sports, ten sports, news channels, sony max etc. and kabadi matches they have seen on cartoon network channel.

14)   They have fun seeing Cricket matches as they love to watch Indian team winning against Shrilanka / Pakistan / Australia, and by chance if India loses they get equally hurt. They said “ Sabko Jussa rehta hai match dekhne ke time pe. Aur isi josh ke wajah se humko ye game khelne me bhi maza aata hai.”

15)   They thought Cricket or football is the national game of India.

16)   After making them aware of hockey being the national game of India, they quickly connected it to the movie ‘CHAKDE INDIA’, and even found it interesting to talk about hockey as they had seen on big screen having the glamour effect to it.

17)   They would not mind trying hockey. But the reason of them not playing is that everybody needs their individual bats which is not affordable. And they have no elders or coaching classes  around who can teach them.

18)   According to them cricket game has no age group restriction, anybody can play cricket but in the case of kho kho, lattu, kancha the age limit that they have created is youngsters and never elders.

19)   In Kancha and lattu they never followed any standard rules. They used to make their own rules and used to play for the sake of fun. But in cricket and football some standard rules are to be followed strictly. (disciplined game)

20)   Inspite of their income being so low, they pay 1500/month to cricket coaching classes to play cricket. They have tournaments to play every two months which increases their interest. They love it when their team wins and they are awarded with SILVER and GOLDEN trophies. They find it an achievement. If the same kind of classes they would have had for Lattu, Kancha, Kabaddi, Kho, they would not go for it.

21)   They do not have a ground to play any of these games like Kabadi, cricket, football, volleyball kho kho, but still the reason for not playing kabadi is not having a ground , but the same is not in the case of playing cricket. They play cricket anywhere as they do not have a ground.