Do you remember Traditional Games?

Hi all ! I am Rishika Jadia, Graphic Design student, 2nd semester (post-graduate program) NID. I come from a joint family where I was the only sister and had 4 brothers. Boys are very fond of playing outdoor games, so were my brothers. After school without wasting any time they used to try finishing their studies and later off to outdoor games. Every time they used to enjoy playing 2 games, i.e. Football and Cricket. I never used to understand them but to avoid ISOLATION I did not mind playing them. I used to play trials and later an Umpire. What else I could do as was never a strong player. (giggles)

Everyday seeing my brothers playing the same old game made me feel frustrated. One day in anger I went to dad and asked, ”Did you play the same game your entire life?” My dad  with a laugh said,” No dear. We used to play very different games than these. The games which were played by our ancestors too. But nobody plays them now. DO you want to know the games?”  That was the times when my dad started sharing his personal experiences with me. He took me through the journey of Indian traditional games.

Looking at the modern scenario, the difference between the older generation and this new generation is the lack of Traditional Indian Games. Traditional Indian Games are exciting and intriguing. When you begin to play an Indian traditional game, you will lose track of your time and simply can enjoy it. These were the game s of soil. Traditional Games were not just games, they were designed in such a way that one can develop a lot of skills like logical thinking, building strategy, concentration, basic mathematics, aiming, and lot more. Nowadays we develop these skills by paying money to centers that conduct personal development courses.

The importance of playing these games is much more than playing the games played these days. Firstly, these games are nature friendly. It gives us a chance of learning and to be connected to Indian culture. These games can also be played by all age groups which helps in building up a bridge between the older generation and the younger ones. Many modern games played around the world have their origin in these traditional games this is a pride to our country’s culture.