Why Some Games Are Still Played Inspite Of Being Not Famous.

Approach :

Traditional games were not played by the target audience was because there are other international games which has won the hearts of people. But then I wondered why still in NID students play CHUNGI. Chungi game is not at all known to the mass but still here people play chungi and not their favorite international games. Why?

To get the answer to my questions, I interviewed some under graduate students.

Findings :

  1. Earlier they always played Cricket, Football, Tennis and all.
  2. They did not know Chungi game before NID.
  3. They used to everyday see students playing it at Chai Gate.
  4. As the game was new, they got interested in trying it once.
  5. They got to know the rules from the members of the game.
  6. They joined the game to be a part of the group.
  7. Now, they find it interesting, so even after NID wherever they go, they will teach other friends and play there as well.
  8. They play for getting fresh and for getting some exercise.
  9. No teams, no competition but still fun.
  10. Through this game concentration, eye – leg co-ordination gets stronger.
  11. Now when I asked them their favorite games, Chungi is a part of it.

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