About the blog


Project Title: Promotion of Traditional Indian Games

Name: Rishika

Semester: II

Discipline: Graphic Design

Program : Post Graduate Diploma Program in Design

Joining Year: 2012

E mail: rishika_j@nid.edu

Contact No: 8128042456


Project Detail:

Introduction of the project/ Project Intent/ Context / Background

When did you last see a kid spinning a top instead of stamping a video game joystick? The merrier days

of Indian traditional games is fading with time. This calls for a need to relaunch the Indian catapult

amongst children in an informative yet interesting way.


Defining User Group / Target Group

School Children of age between 6-12 years of age

School Physical Training Teachers

2 thoughts on “About the blog

  1. Hi Rishika,

    I have been through your blog and found it interesting. Even your project is a good one. I totally agree with you that traditional games are fading away and computer and video games are taking their place.

    I liked the way you brought forward the importance of traditional games. If online games that helps you in getting a lot of information like http://www.foreseegame.com/User/GamePlay.aspx?GameID=UYVjmZ9kiP8M3KndG48oaw%3d%3d
    then its good to opt for them. But one should stay in touch with mother nature through traditional games.

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