Article by Gagandeep Singh


1. Why are traditional games like Kabaddi not so popular in urban India (apart from Punjab and Haryana) in spite of three consecutive world cup victories?

2. What can be done to promote the game ?

Kabaddi  Seeing New Heights :
After  three consecutive world cup victories, it has not got much popularity in India. Before talking about weak points, I would like to say that Kabaddi is going on very good path. Government of Punjab are doing extra-ordinary efforts for upliftment of Kabaddi.  In 2009, before announcement of world cup nobody even can think that King khan (Shahrukh Khan), Akshay kumar ,Katrina kaif  and many more Bollywood stars will perform in opening, as well as, closing ceremony of world cup. Now kabaddi is enrooted in countries like Sierraleone, Kenya, Argentina, Turkmenistan, Iran, Afganistan, Denmark and Many Mores.  These teams are purely of native persons. You will appreciate to know that Kabaddi reached in 25 countries in just three years. All credit goes to Dy.CM of Punjab Government, Shri Sukhbir Singh Badal. This is fact I am not praising him but he really doing a lot for kabaddi.  Everyone is witnessed of this thing. Probably, twenty-five countries are taking part in next  world cup as announced. Many overseas and Indian MNCs providing major sponsorship to kabaddi world cup. The Interesting thing is that, women kabaddi  also seeing new heights. The Prize money is also considerable. Governments are also promoting by offering Govt. jobs to each and every Indian player who played world cups in both categories. Iran and Pakistan also organized Asia Cup of Kabaddi for its upliftment. World cup also put proper restriction on doped players. In 2012, only 5 players found positive, this figure is just 10% as compared to 2011 world cup. This is very appreciable thing for management.
why  Kabaddi  limited upto Punjab and Haryana ?

Kabaddi is limited upto Punjab and Haryana because wrong and selfish policies of different federations. Some federation have selfish policies they just organize the tournaments for their own name and fame. They donot put proper check on dope tests and they allow doped palyers to play from their federation side. There is no proper world level organization which would control kabaddi all over the globe. There is no other International tournament expect world cup and asia cup. The players are uneducated in kabaddi that’s why a lot of indiscipline in it. Kabaddi just watched by only male members of family. The players just played it for get settled in foreign countries like  Canada , America etc.  the federations are limited upto the academies which are tied up with it, because kabaddi in weight category is totally drowned in doping.

What can be done to promote the game ?

Firslty, we need world level organization which can control kabaddi all over the world. After that proper constitution for kabaddi in which every thing could be mentioned like history of kabaddi, rules of game , punishment if players get indulged in any kind of indicipline or bad activity, proper umpiring panel. We have to look on history of cricket or football how they get popular in hearts of peoples. World federation have to organize proper international leagues and cups. Proper schedule should be made two year advance of international events. We need to start a campaign of world cup into all over the world so kabaddi gets more popularity. There must be one federation in india which conducts all events and activities for kabaddi. All respective federation have to make proper policies for betterment of only kabaddi not for their own name and fame. There should be proper check on doping. The players and officials have to become educated. We have to take kabaddi in our families. We have to innrtoduce English in kabaddi with repect to Punjabi. Indian Government have to take steps for upliftment of kabaddi like they can add kabaddi in asian game and common wealthgames In conclusion we need a proper and disciplined world federation for kabaddi like cricket (ICC), football (FIFA) etc.
Some Fedrations, Clubs and Persons who really working for upliftment of Kabaddi as under

North India Kabaddi federation is best and disciplined federation in world Lead by Mr.Surjan Singh Chatha ( President ).

Social youth welfare club, Dirba ( Sangrur, Punjab )- This club organized biggest kabaddi cup of Punjab “Saheed Bachan Singh international Cup “ and run best academy of kabaddi “ saheed bachan Singh Academy ,Dirba ( Sangrur , Punjab ).There tournament get sponsorship from Tata Motors , Maruti Suzuki.This Club run under kind guidance of Shri Karan Singh Ghuman Chairman and Shri Gurmail Singh ( The world’s best coach ).

Dr.Sukhdarshan Singh Chahal is prominent name in print media of Punjab. He promoting kabaddi by print media. He is first person in India who did Ph.d in Sports Literature. He is also olympain journalist.

Please mail me freely if u need any information about kabaddi from all over the world.Feedback anyays

Gagandeep Singh

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