Surveying P.T teacher and sports club coach.

Surveying P.T teachers and Sport Club coaches :

After surveying the children studying in schools and their parents, I decided to move on to the P.T teachers and the sports club coaches as they deal with a lot of students every day, and they would be having an idea of children’s interest in games.

Findings :

1)      They agree of cricket taking up a great space in the market as it has become consumer market.

2)      Cricket, Football, Tennis have become children’s favorite as they see it on television quite often with glamour effect.

3)      If the teacher makes them play other games, they would try playing it and end up playing cricket, football whichever they find interesting.

4)      A lot of time schools have small compound which restricts sir to make children play certain games.

5)      Now a days parents also feels complex if their children does not play cricket, football, tennis and all.

6)      In sports club, they do not prefer keeping the traditional games as they have to maintain the status symbol of the club by keeping professional games like cricket, football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, as these games are demanded by today’s children.

7)      For Interschool competition cricket, throw ball, volleyball, football will have a lot of entries but for kabaddi, entries would be really less.



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